Claire Egenolf, M. A.

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Climate analysis for storage rooms
Climate analysis for storage rooms
Condition survey for Collections
Condition survey for Collections

Collection Care & Management

Preventing damages and the loss of information

The environmental condition in which art objects are presented or stored are of high importance. Inappropriate climate or storage facilities are causing avoidable damage. Besides that there is always the danger of loosing valuable information on the evolution of the collection and its pieces.  For their owners it is therefore worth to also arrange a collection management.

In the area of collection care I provide the assessment of storage & exhibition facilities as much as climate conditions and assist in the implementation of suitable adaptations.

Concerning collection management I offer the inventarisation of your collection, the evaluation of its pieces' conditions and the development of a photographic documentation. In this context I will recommend on necessary conservation and restoration treatments.

I advise on, storage, display, transport and conservation.

Photographic collection assessment
Photographic recording of collections