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Historical frame with loose fragments
Historical frame with loose fragments
Retouching of an Artwork.

Decorative frames

The perfect finishing

The fashion for frames has been subject to constant change throughout history. This is why ornamental frames that were originally designed specifically for one painting have often been replaced and are therefore rarely preserved. But if they are, they should always be considered as part of an ensemble with the painting and thus deserve to be conserved.

More generally, all decorative frames – whether dating from the painting's period of creation or added later –
are made to enhance the aesthetic experience of an artwork. They are the perfect finishing.

Above all, damages on ornamental frames stem from the nature of their use. Similar to sculptures, they also suffer from inappropriate environmental conditions. Throughout a conservation treatment, destabilised structure and delaminated polychromy can be consolidated and lost ornaments can be replaced or reconstructed. A restoration reinstates the harmonic appearance through the filling of lacunas as well as their polychromic integration.

Before and after reconstruction of frame ornaments.
Before and after reconstruction of frame ornaments