Claire Egenolf, M. A.

0049 176 38 78 85 38
60489 Frankfurt am Main

Retouching of a painting.

Conservation & Restoration

Preserving unique treasures of cultural heritage

Works of fine art are human cultural assets whose worth exceeds by far their tangible value. Their historical, artistic or very personal significance makes them irreplaceable documents that deserve to be preserved for the future.

My studio for conservation and restoration offers a treatment exactly tailored to your piece of cultural heritage:

  • Easel paintings (e.g. on canvas or wooden supports),
  • Wooden sculptures (with or without polychromy),
  • Decorative frames.

Everything starts with a qualified examination of your artwork. Based on this assessment, I will discuss the appropriate approach with you. It can range from a mere implementation of conservatory necessities to the realisations of a fully fledged restoration. Conservation and restoration treatments will be carried out under consideration of the principles of my profession's good practice: readability, reversibility and stability.


I am holding a Master of Arts in "Restoration and Conservation of Arts and Cultural Property Painting, Sculpture, Modern Art" from the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences - CICS and acquired practical expertise during various engagements at public institutes and private workshops in Germany, Spain and Belgium (see more under CV).

My expertise locates in the area of conservation and restoration of paintings, polychrome wooden sculptures and frames. Moreover I offer the elaboration of concepts for preventive conservation as well as their subsequent implementation.